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Perfect Glow Body Whitening 3 Month Supply

Product SKU: PG-903
Skin Whitening.
Cell Renewal.
Promotes hormonal balance.
Detoxifies the body and protects from free radicals.
Double up whitening, anti-aging and moisturizing effects.
Get effective whitening, anti-aging and skin renewing benefits from Placental Protein.
Promotes good blood circulation that gives better sleep through Carrot Extract.
Potent anti-allergic effect with Rose Petal Extract.
Rid skin imperfections with Silk Powder that has 18 kinds of amino acids that revitalizes the skin.
Achieve firmer, softer and younger skin with Elastin and Collagen.
No need to take in other vitamins or supplements for skin whitening or anti-aging to take effect.
Promotes healthy and renewed cells that make a whiter skin.

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